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Why SERVPRO Testimonials

We experienced a middle of the night flooding in 2 different condos, we called SERVPRO of Flagler County for help us-  they sent 4 people within an hour !! thank you for your professionalism and friendly attitudes! 

We didn't know who to call SERVPRO was recommended by our property manager in Ormond Beach, the whole company was helpful and courteous.. 5 star rating !!!

Very professional and nice crew that came to my home in Port Orange Florida, they stayed all night to help us things cleaned up. 

We had a middle of the night emergency, SERVPRO was there in less than an hour and took care of everything - THANK YOU for the fast and great customer service- we will always recommend you ! 

After hurricane Irma hit, we discovered we had water intrusion in the walls of our beach front condo. We ran a fan and dehumidifier but they weren't enough to dry out 5 different areas so we removed baseboards and cut out drywall to find wet insulation and soaked dry wall. We Called SERVPRO and Cory came to check things out. He. Hacked all of the areas and found most were fairly dry. He told us we were "doing it right". He did find one more wet spot and removed the baseboard then sprayed an anti microbial. Since our insurance carrier was balking because it is a condo, We were so afraid it was going to cost us thousands if we needed all of the big equipment. But Cory was efficient and honest. We couldn't have asked for more. Thank you!!!

I just faced a horrible flooding situation where a storage area was under at least 8 inches of water. We discovered it around 5pm and were extremely upset. We salvaged what we could in storage, but were more worried about our home's structure and the water making something nasty grow. We called these guys up and they removed the water, helped to clear out all debris and boxes, and they sanitized it so that mold wouldn't grow. It smells great down there and is now completely dry!

SERVPRO explained the entire process from what was going to happen during remediation to a step by step reconstruction process. When running into an emergency or inconvenience I can't picture a better group people to work with.